Whoops, I broke my weather vane

I am working on my weatherstation project now, and I'm going to finish it for real! Yesterday I was opening up the weather-vane to reverse-engineer the board it has and make sure what I already know is correct.

I was able to get my picture and put it all back together; there was only one problem. The sensor no longer worked! It turns out that when I took the board out of the housing, I also pulled the cable a bit too hard and broke the connection to the board, whoops.

Fixing the board should be pretty easy, I just have to remove what's left of the wires, and solder the wires back in. To make sure that the wires don't fall apart again, I decided to use solid core wires and connect the cable to that.

Everything went pretty well until I accidentally ripped one of the pads off the circuit board, whoops. I am just lucky that the pad I pulled off had a simple connection that I could easily bypass.

I was able to fix the sensor just fine. It looks a little silly, but that's ok. The one thing that I'm more annoyed at than anything else is that I didn't need to take apart the sensor. I had already done that around 6 years ago, and uploaded it to my wordpress blog.

My blog where I analyzed the weather-vane.

Back of the repaird weather-vane Front of the repaird weather-vane